Do you hear Crickets?



I heard a story quite some time ago that I am unable to find references to, but it is amazing to me how often it applies to how people think and perceive the world.

Here’s the story…   A man from the country visited his friend in the city.   As they walked down the street together the visitor smiled.   His host asked what the smile was about and the visitor replied “Its just nice to hear a cricket here in the city.”   The host exclaimed, “there is no way you could possibly hear a cricket over the noise of this city.”   The visitor paused, reached into his pocket, pulled out a quarter, and dropped it on the sidewalk between the feet of the bustling crowd.   Several people stopped and one bent down, picked up the coin, put it in his pocket, and continued walking with the crowd.  “Do you think the sound of the coin is any louder than my cricket chirping?”

For whatever reason this has stayed with me.   Maybe it is because crickets have such symbolism in our culture –  our conscious (think Jiminy Cricket) or good luck (we put a metal cricket on the hearth in our first home with a fireplace) or perhaps it is just the simple message that reminds me that people hear what they are listening for.   Ironically, when you ask for help and get no response, an idiom is “you know what I got back?  crickets.”

Picture Credit – (also an interesting discussion of why Crickets Chirp)

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